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The RV-5200 and RV-5300 Series operate as either a relief valve or low flow back pressure regulators. Adjustments are made through a non-rising stem available with an attractive knob, plain to allow installation of OEM knobs, or flush for “back panel” applications. A typical application would be the use of a unit between a compressor and a load to prevent the compressor from “loading up” when dead-ended.

RV-5200, RV-5300 Miniature Relief Valve


WETTED MATERIALSPolysulfone, Silicone, Buna-N
TEMPERATURE RANGE40° – 150° F (4° – 66° C)
REPEATABILITY< +/- 1% F.S. (Operating characteristics are influenced by flow and outlet restriction)
10-32 port=.6 CFM (16 LPM) @ 30 PSI (207 kPa) set
1/8″ NPT port=.7 CFM (19 LPM) @ 30 PSI (207 kPa) set

Ordering Information

RV-5200 Ordering Information